Interior Designing

Interior Designing is a very fine and articulate profession. When we start looking at designing a space, the amount of things that can be done is very vast. It is the duty of a designer to get the correct scope, the correct budget, the correct requirement of people occupying a particular space. While designing a house, we believe it is “your house” and it has to suit “your requirements”, it has to fit “your budget”, it should reflect “your personality” be it in terms of age, culture, ideologies, hobbies and so on. While designing any other space, we would use similar philosophy. Doing a detailed homework before jumping into the actual design is very important to us, and that leads to more satisfied clients at the end of day.

Design Consultation

Parfait interiors provides design consultation with contracting or turn-key projects. We will customise our services for each one of you as per your requirements. We do not believe in cookie-cutter concepts and so a detailed attention is paid for each project. We begin with meeting and knowing your requirements. We go through a series of exchange of discussions to understand your needs. Then we start working on basic design solutions. After some approvals we will move to budgeting and estimation. Then the final fine tuning happens and turns into execution of work on site.

3D presentation

We believe a clear visualisation is mandatory for a seamless working. Thus we provide 3d designs at the correct phase. This helps the client get clear understanding of what we are talking about. There is no ambiguity in understanding the design between the designer-contractor-client and others involved. Apart from 3D presentation for interior design purposes, we also take projects only for 3D presentations. This usually would happen as an outsource work from other designers/architects/builders.

3D walkthrough

This is a high end service we are providing for bigger, complex projects, where it is very important to envision the space from all directions and all angles. A basic sketch or a detailed drawing or a few 3D views may not e enough and thus our ultimate solution comes in form of a walk-through. We are pleased to announce these services for other architects, designers and builders as well. For simpler projects we may step down to a basic movie format where you can visualise the design and share it with others for their comments easily.